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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And More Weaving

This is the scarf I wove. I think it looks nice.

I decided I would want long fringes on this project.

This is my Mom's stole.

There's should be a diamond pattern but the colors hide the pattern.

This scarf is my sister's in the making. I promised her a scarf with a pattern of her choice.

I think She picked pretty well.

This hair braider actually twist your hair. So we are going to use it to twist our fringes.


Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Very awesome scarves. You are doing a great job. I like the pattern your sister chose too. And for the hair twister....I love using mine for twisting fringe. I used to do mine by hand, but last year bought the hair twister and it's great.

Deborah said...

You really weave some great scarves Gregory!

Heather said...

Great scarves, Gregory! I hear you are busy working outside lately. Good for you. I'm sure it is extremely helpful to your family. Way to go! I wish you lived up here in Canada, I'd hire you on as a farm worker to help with some of the chores around here!